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modmusicshare's Journal

Mods Sharing Music
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This community was created for ONLY sharing music files, specifically in the realm of Mod, Mod Revival, Blue-Eyed, Northern and Southern Soul, Blues, Acid Jazz, Ska and Classic R&B. Mento, Funk and Classic Glam (NOT 80s/L.A. Glam) is also acceptable. (As a rule, if you don't know whether or not it would fit, consult the interests or e-mail the moderator a twentytens@livejournal.com.)

1) All posts must contain a song or a link to songs. The easiest way to do this is to upload a song on a site like Savefile, Rapidshare, YouSendIt, MegaUpload or your own server. Most of those sites will delete your upload after x-number of downloads or after a week, so if you want to upload it again, be our guest, just post the new link in the same post.
2) Yes, you can promote your band, post an "online flier" for your club-night or even share your SoulSeek username, as long as you provide us a way to listen to your music (or samples of music you play at the club or samples of what's in your SoulSeek share-folder) online. This means give us MP3-files!
3) This is not a place to post your set lists. As mentioned above, if you want to post a flier for the club you DJ at, you can include a few songs to give people an idea of what you play (and the image MUST be behind a cut), but that's about it, really. There are more appropriate places to post your club-fliers and they'll even let you do it outside a cut and without a "must include MP3s" requirement. Of course, if you want to post an entire set-list with every song ALSO available for download, that would rule, but it may also be time-consuming to you.
4) No promoting other communities unless you get an OK from newdance. He's the moderator, he makes the calls over what is and is not appropriate for this community.
5) Songs can be anything from the early stuff that everyone has heard to brand new stuff from brand new artists. On the other hand, if you want to post "Michael" by Franz Ferdinand or the new White Stripes album, just... Don't. Everybody in this group has probably heard it already and anyway, these bands get enough promo already. ("B-sides" and rarities are fine to post.)
6) Constructive criticism for a new band is great but there is absolutely no need for bickering just because you don't like the artist someone posted.
7) MP3 and WMA formats only. Zip and .rar files are okay if you're sharing a whole album. Videos are also okay. Of course, please specify what format you're posting videos in or if you're posting a .zip or a .rar -- cos not every video format can be played in every computer (though MPEGs are generally universal) and not everybody can open up a .zip or a .rar. If you really want to post in a different format, your post will get deleted as soon ad the moderator finds it -- MP3 is a universal format and WMA will play in any Windows computer (which is seriously what most people have running). Anything else may only run in certain programmes or may only be compatable with certain MP3-players.
8) Your post should give us this information:
Song/Album Title:
Year (optional, but encouraged):
Genre (optional, but encouraged):
Comments (optional):

This just seems like common sense -- and, as far as listing the genre goes, it can lead to some interesting discussions.
9) All posts are automatically friends only. Please DO NO try to change this. This is for your protection and ours.
10) Post as much as you want. Seriously, post as much as you want.

  • If you have a request, please post it in a comment on this thread.

    What is OK to post:
  • classic 1960s soul, Motown and acid jazz
  • beat classics
  • blues (except the harsh-and-heavy "blues rock" — remember that scene in Ghost World at the "blues" show? Yeah, that shit, don't post it)
  • Mod Revival
  • REAL ska (anything like No Doubt after Gwen took over as the lead singer WILL get deleted)
  • mento
  • classic funk
  • classic Glam (L.A. Glam, aka "hair metal" WILL get deleted)
  • Mod bands, old and new, including post-punk bands with an obvious Mod influence (like Squeeze or The Fall)
  • girl groups, including Motown (duh) and transeuropean ye-ye
  • skinhead reggae
  • freakbeat
  • obscure hard psychedellic and old-school "garage" bands are even OK
  • shibuya-kei (think Pizzicato Five and other Japanese bands like that or even Momus)
  • Japanese GS

    What NOT to post:
  • THE BEATLES (I don't care how well you try to argue it, The Beatles weren't a Mod band, and unlike The Who, they didn't even play Mod music, really. They were just in Mod clothing and marketed REALLY well) — on the other hand, covers of Beatles songs are mostly OK, as long as the cover isn't really crappy (like Marilyn Manson's cover of "Come Together")
  • late-1960s hard-rock like Janis or Jimi (not bad music, but it's not Mod, I can't think of many Mods who would even defend Big Brother & the Holding Company, with or without Janis, Jimi may have loved the Kinks, but seriously people... this isn't "all1960smusicshare")
  • Folk music (while some of it is really really GOOD, the folk and Mod scenes really didn't have much to do with each other)
  • hippy-dippy psychedellic folk stuff (such a Donovan, Sonny & Cher, etc....)
  • new stuff, like Franz Ferdinand or The White Stripes that gets more than enough promo from their record labels, the radio, etc... — good music, they just don't really need our help (I'll make exceptions for rarities, b-sides and live bootlegs, if they're posted once in a blue moon)
  • ANYTHING white-power related. SKINHEADS are welcome here, NEO-NAZIS and RACISTS aren't! (On the same note, any bigoted commentary of any kind, including racist, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, etc.. will get your comment frozen and you will be warned, suspended from posting or totally banned from the community, depending on your number of offenses.) Problems with neo-nazis do not currently exist here, but this rule is in place as a WARNING to any neo-nazi looking for a bother.

    And most importantly: If you download something and like it, please support the artist and buy their music.
    I cannot stress this enough.

    Breaking these rules will get your post deleted. Breaking the rules more than once will get you banned. :)

    Sister Communities: glammusicshare, ambientmp3share & gothmusicshare

    Other Mod-Related Communities of interest: _yeye_, 60s_punk, _the_young_ones, darkmods, dexys, docmartens, girlgroups, hardmods, mod_like_mad, modbabes, modicons, modquad, obscure_sixties, psychtastic, ska, thewho, tradskinheads, vespa, vintagepop, whitestripes
    Please alert me of others!
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